Friday, January 26, 2007


Ma nah, a lot of things happened to me during this two months period and i haven't updated my blogs..

There are a lot of good things and bad things happened to me during these time, but more likely all the bad things happened to me one by one.. each day and everytime.. a lot of good things happened too though, and i really appreciate that..

I'm just gonna ignore and forget those things people say to me in the past, and some of it came from so called friends.. i won't complain or do anything bout it coz u have ur own rights to talk, well this is a free country isn't it? :)

The good thing is, i was called by SLB, QTEL and some other telecommunication company and get invited to interviews.. well, it was beyond my expectation at all.. there are still a lot of things i want to share, but all of it i will jot it down later on..

Iro-iro kangeynai ruso... jya mata aiteru neh

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