Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Some Government EH!!!!

well, i just read the newspaper just now.. read about how the government willing to pay up a sum of money just to get back our nationals that are working outside malaysia.. up to 70% than the pay from the private sector.. what the heck????!!!!

right now the should bother about those graduates that cannot find any suitable jobs or we can say "PENANAM ANGGUR BERJAYA'.. why they should bother people that are working overseas rather that our own graduate that cannot find any jobs?? then, they were asked to payback what they have been sponsored during their studies.. what the hell???!!!

for me, our people that are working outside are professionals that are a paid with a great deal of money for their experiences and they were already way ahead of us in technology.. do you think that they are willing to come back here and and spent 10-20 years of their life waiting for the government, our GOVERNMENT to buy those kind of expensive toys?? maybe some of them are willing to come back and settle down, but most of it.. DONT!!!

if you guys remember that last year, one of the minister said that we should explore outside malaysia for our working experience since our country dont have enough positions to cater most of the graduates or experience individual.. if you remember than great.. because now, they want us to come back.. if me, i dont think so, not at the moment..

think about this yourself...

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