Monday, May 21, 2007

New O2 Flame

Last few day, O2 have delivered a new pda phone, called Flame.. Its 3G enable and have build in nVidia graphic card.. the first ever pda phone with dedicated graphic card.. it also have its own USB port just like our own pc or lappy.. nice isnt it?

more info go this this O2 website.


iRwan said...

I'm waiting for the new Prada phone reached malaysia. Just nice to fit in my pocket ;)

kechi said...


cleo weiland said...

I'm still saving up to get myself a new handphone..trying to! It's not my fault that everytime I save up there happens to be a sale..and then I go shopping and voila! Back to square one!

By the way, won't be blogging til next sem begins. Happy hols to me :P so cya arnd!

PS: I'm still jealous over Effi's N93. Huhu.

kechi said...

uhhh..a usual phase i guess.. there is a sale..hehe

obefiend said...

ceh.. ade nvdia pun bsiaing. bukan main game pun.. cam aku la. monyet dibagi permata. campak2 jek


btw.. lawa phone