Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Journey

16th Nov 2007

It has been months since we planned this trip to Japan. And it's finally here. Today, me and loki going there. But before that, both of us still working today. Our mind is somewhere else, a place that we wanted to be for several years ago.

I was late to go to KL Sentral since I got home nearly 7.30 pm. Darn, it was hectic since I need to finalized the things that I want to bring over there. It was nearly 8 p.m and I asked my cousin to send me to Tmn Bahagia LRT station. It was 8.20 when I arrived there, and I was able to meet my sweetheart before I board. Then Kai arrived to meet me up and pickup some things for his work. Loki also there already. After we checked in, we had some light dinner before we board to KLIA.

My sweetheart is sad since I'm leaving for a few days, a week. And it sads for me too to leave her behind. But it's for the greater good, my satisfaction since I wasn't able to continue my study over there.

At 10.35 pm, we arrived at KLIA and met some Loki's friends. It was my juniors in UTP. We have a little chat before we checked in to international departure hall. There, I was hoping to ride the aerobus, but sadly my plane at gate G10. Maa ikkah.. Before boarding, I was able to have last chat with my sweetheart and she seems really sad. It's like she was crying inside although she didn't show it.

12.10 am
My plane was ready to take off after delayed for about 15 minutes. And it was nice take off. After 45 mins, it was the last view of Malaysia, Kuantan. The flight took about 6 hours and 10 mins to reach Kansai International Airport, Osaka.

There was some light snack on board after that. I took a sip of movie Transformers while eating and soon after that, I fell asleep since I was too tired, the whole day.

4.30 a.m
We were woke up by the flight attendent, Haniza, asking what we would like to have for breakfast. Both of us asked for omelette, a sip of tea and plain water. And I asked for an extra Pepsi. I need kafein.. By the way, we were having our breakfast on the air, over Taiwan.

7.20 a.m (Japan Time) 6.20 a.m (local time)
We touched down at Kansai International Airport with a big grin on our face, happy, sad and grateful to Allah since our flight is so smooth and we finally here, in Japan..


Anonymous said...

miss u a bunch, dear :(

kechi said...

i miss u too baby