Monday, August 04, 2008

Crack on MRR2

Last Sunday when i want to go out to Ampang, I encountered something that happened few years ago.. a crack on one of the MRR2 support pillars..

At first i thought that the traffic jam just a normal one due to accident that frequently happened on was a long queue plus slow like siput.. i called my sweetie and asked her what happened since she's at home..

she later told me that the problem was a crack on MRR2 had damaged 2 cars earlier that morning around 7 o'clock.. and i had to waste nearly an hour before i can get passed the massive traffic jam..

what come to my mind is,what actually JKR or any other party did when they closed the MRR2 years back for nearly a year or so? is the quality of the work bad or is there corruption already involved during the re-construction?

we need to as samy vellu about this matter.. well, in the news a couple of days ago said the would willing to co-operate with the free investigation body..

well,we just wait and see the outcome of the investigation which i doubt that it will be the truth..

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