Monday, December 22, 2008

Training or Jalaning.. hehe

Well, it was certainly i went to Singapore for my training but most of the time i snap on the pictures while i'm free or walking thru out the streets..

i'm there for nearly 4 days and a lot of thing i see.. one of the most important things is that i'm able to ride the Singapore flyer 2 days before the accident happened.. where the power was cut off and the people was stuck inside for nearly 6 hours..

the singaporean government paid handsomely ransom to the victim.. $2000 per head.. so if u have families inside there, lets say 5 people.. you would be handsomely be rich of $10000 or nearly RM23000..

hahahhaa.. kewl isnt it?

1 comment:

Naizaitul said...

rugilah ko x naik mase tgh stuck tu...kalu x mesti dpt duit free2 jek..heheh..