Saturday, February 14, 2009


I'm totally clueless today..

dunno what to do..dunno what to eat..

i went to the paintball playfield and it was closed..dunno y..

then i decided to go to jalan pasar..fcuk..MRR2 jammed pretty bad..then into jalan kuching another bad jam..

then missed the turn to jalan syed putra due to fcuking idiot who dunno what lane to stay until last minute..demmit..

then i decided to go back home.. passed thru the istana negara,to jalan tun razak..

i saw my feveret stall is open.. ZK KARI KEPALA IKAN..

deym,i missed the junction also..went all the way to tmn desa (my previous office there in TM TMN DESA).. the go straight back into jalan tun razak..exit the klcc or what ever the junction it is.. to jalan kg attap.. i was da damn nice meal for today..hahahah

click the picture for bigger picture..

after that i went back home and shoot the balance of the pallet from 2 months ago.. hell...nearly 100 pallets in 10 secs.. demmit,am i getting better or it just the gun itself :P

unassembled for larger image

assembled version.. MP5 NAVY

then i tried myself to go to sleep..still can't make it..watched whatever that are shown in ASTRO..fcuk..boring...

now it's 9.30 pm.. still clueless...arghhhhhhhhhhhhh

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