Thursday, January 27, 2005


any boring day... wut can i do today..? all i do is play game and eat and sleep..
not to forget, updating the blog.. hehehe... part of my is spending time wif sleeping and playing games... nahh.. wuts gonna happen to me.. me myself dont know...
em trying my best of not being obsolete in campus world, but seems i cant stop it..
most probably all of my frens were graduated and feel like lost a lil bit...
although i got other frens, but seem rather difference.. i mean in terms of going to class and do project since got frens.. well wut to do, my fault also.. not to study hard...

well, my current housemates are my seniors, but i know them for quite some time..
my roomie, which is my best buddy, UNTA@yoda is currently sleeping.. since he graduated last semester but doesnt want to make clearance, so he decided to be my roomie... most probably coz of our networks.. lots of new stuff coming out.. :p

well, most of the time we spend our time 'lepaking' and discussing about current news.. what is going on at the outside world, coz we live at an isolated area so called TRONOH.. hahaha...well, this is the only way we can reach and know whats going on... other than a 'slow' internet, and sux ess bigtime IT DEPT.. haha..deserve u right.. damn u for forcing me to curse u..

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