Sunday, March 20, 2005


time flies by so fast.. the semester continued after 9 days of holidays.. well i havent done much thou.. went back to my hometown.. spent time wif my family and friend.. repair my car.. aiseh, that one nearly 'kantoi' with my dad and mechanic since it hit the chasis.. huhu.. well, what's done is done.. they didnt notice or may be dont want to ask me even they know.. hehehe..
(slamat aku part nie...)

hmm.. hasnt much change in my univ for this past few days... waddahell, i just gone back to my hometown for 3-4 days.. haha.. but i still hasnt done my work yet.. not even one.. hahaha.. very lazy of me.. well, like my mom always say it to me.. "abg ni bukan tak pandai, tp pemalas..".. this is the sentence i heard since i'm in high school.. huhu.. its a part of daily lecture from my mother, and all the lectures she gave me is in english.. damn.. why should i be torchered with english and maths since my early age, 3 years old..

well, its started back when i was a lil cute kid live in alor setar.. i was taught by my mom since i was three years old with math and english.. all togather.. huhu.. since she graduated from australia, so her english and math are quite good.. and i always remember this in my whole life.. "selagi tak habis keje, jgn ngada² nak tgk katun.. mama tak kasi.." she pulled the plug of the tv just in case i didnt finish my work and watch those cartoons as early as 4 pm.. if em not mistaken.. in 1985, the tv program starts at 4 pm and show cartoon up until 8 pm.. huhu.. heaven at that time.. :)
(ehh.. aper aku merepek nie..?)

well, back to me.. i didnt any assignments yet.. hehehe.. well.. gtg for now.. i think i want to do the assignments orr... just.. err... play dOtA.. :p

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