Saturday, April 02, 2005

ApRiL f00L..

ngeh ngeh ngeh... today is 1st april.. april fool day.. erm... what am doing for today... etto..etto..etto.. hehehe, nandemonai~~ (lets see, lets see, lets see.. nothing to do.. in japanese)

same routine every day i guess.. well, some of the juniors asked me to play hockey for the EE team.. but i still didnt give any answers yet.. dont know wether i should play or not.. seems too old already.. (am i that old yet?).. and they also say that there are already more tham 10 people are playing.. since the game is based on 9 player a side.. i guess, i wont play.. it's ok with me, since i played for EE team for quite a number of times already and for my university team also..

i guess, i need to start studying.. another 1 month is my examination.. well, i want to graduate wif my sweetheart and i want to finish this semester... arrghh, since i'm already extending.. wahahaha.. what to do.. its my fault for not being a good student since my first year here... LIFE GOES ON...

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