Wednesday, April 13, 2005

FiNaLLy.. mY bIRtHdaY

hahaha.. at last.. after 1 great year i've been waiting.. today is my birthday..

happy birthday to me
happy birthday to me
happy birthday to meeeeee
happy birthday to me~~

thank you thank you.. thank you so much you all for celebrating with me.. hahhaa..
celebrating my birthday just with my hoomies.. just go out and eat at mamak stall.. haha.. at least, there are people who cared bout me and know my birthday.. hehe.. just to be anonymous.. i got a lot of kill messages in the irc since it's my birthday.. actually, there's no one know about my birthday but suddenly, my friend vivre came with the killer message saying happy birthday.. then the killing party begun... hahhaa..

well, the first wishes come from.. errr.. hmm.. aaaahh... my lil bro and from my parents.. hehe.. they called around 11.59 p.m... dem early ehh... hehehe.. then i got a wish call from my sweetheart.. hehhe.. well, it makes me so happy to hear her voice..

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