Friday, August 19, 2005


well.. today its already started convofair for my university.. today my sweetheart will come bcak from kota kinabalu for her convocation..(well,it suppose to be my convocation also..).. well,put that aside.. since i cant convo this year.. haha.. suit myself for not studying..

well.. she arrived from KK to KLIA around midnite..she stayed in her uncle's house in shah alam.. the next morning she took the bus from Jln Duta (i guess).. straight to ipoh.. then i picked her up around 11 a.m. its been nearly 10 months since i last saw her.. she got matured more than when she was with me few months back.. lady like i guess..yeah.. she looked like a lady already..not like.. a thin guy with no "lemak" at all.. haha.. all bone.. even they called me BONE CLINKZ, taking up a name of a hero in DotA.. hmm.. missed her very much.. and now i can see her already.. hehe.. well. guess my patience paid off..

then we went to KC, let her down while i went to the mosque for my Friday prayer.. seems long coz i wanted to be wif my sweetheart.. huhu.. (cam x kusyuk lak semayang).. hehe.. seems forever since we ate together... we ate at our favourite restaurant, THE JOHNNY's, which we always eat when we were together in UTP.. aaaahh, i feel like i'm writing in broken english.. haha.. then we go round the KC shopping complex for awhile before heading back to UTP.. there, we spent time together at the convo square.. well, not much to see.. but at least we spent our time together..aite?

later that nite.. we went to the convo square again.. we met some of our old friends.. even my super seniors.. surprisingly, they still remember me.. hehe.. good of them to still remember their silly juniors.. hehe.. we dont do much later that night.. coz she was tired.. her flight and bus journey some more.. just hoping our day tomorrow will be more wonderful...

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