Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Few Weeks Later...

hishasiburi dane~..

well... its been a while since i last updated my blog.. guess here i am now.. writing in my own silly yet boring blog.. hahaha.. well.. dats me.. aite?

today i went to kl to see my sweetheart that will arrived at KLIA around 12.30 noon.. she's here in KL coz of work.. it just a few days back she was here, yet the SBO still send her back here... arghh... troublesome.. she was tired yet she has to come to KL coz of work..

she arrived at KL sentral via KLIA express around 2.30, its late than expected bcoz of the weather was not so good during the flight.. it was quite a storm at 15,000 feet above that day.. well.. i guess i cant blame her since it is all His decision, aite?

the we went to KLCC to spend most of the time we had since i need to rush back that night.. *sigh.. at least we spent our time together and we went around the KLCC level 1 and level 2 floor.. its was all that we can do since time didnt permit we spend much more time..

we met some of our friends there while loitering the KLCC.. hehe.. its good when seeing some of the old friends gathered unexpectedly.. ahhh.. miss those moments...

well i guess.. no mood to write right now.. better off to sleep now.. hehe..

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