Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Yeah,Em Back Bebeh

hoho.. after a long time dissapearing into the thin air of kl.. i'm back at last.. to my blog.. sorry for the long delay..

i just got my new job last week, here in damansara,pj.. my role is as an project engineer for DiGi.. well, actually as their advisor/contractor.. my main job now, is to do the survey to swap the telecommunication equipment existing, that is Ericsson stuff, with DiGi stuff.. well, it's hack of the job you know, coz my limited knowledge in telcom biz.. i mean technical specs eventhou i have several experiences with my previous company..

my job start at 9 and ends at 6.. just like normal typical workers, just add another hour to your work time.. :p
but for these past two weeks, my job is more entirely outstation.. to KLANG.. well.. i dont mind since i got the CLAIMSS!!!! wahahahaha.. good izzit? hehehe..

woh.. here is some of my pictures on the 30 metres tower.. hehe.. aaa.. tader kat pc neh.. hampeh.. mesti tinggal dlm opis.. takpe.. sok aku dl.. hehehe.. jya mata neh..

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