Monday, September 22, 2008

Need to Get Out

Huargh..this will be the most busiest, boringest week in my entire Ramadhan week.. I need to move out from my current house to a new house.

This is due to the owner of the house want to sell of the apartment.. What a waste of time this will be.. I need to pack up all my gadgets, equipments, furnitures and even 2 BMW original M3 bumpers.. S(*%.. I have a lot more work to do at the office and plus the outstation mostly everyday..

God, what happened now eh.. i'm totally lost track of time..everyday go to work at 8 in da morning, come back at 11 pm or more.. if lucky enuff, i will be able to break my fast at home and go pray Tarawikh at TTDI mosque.. this will be a really good resting time to me..

Got to go..enuff of this bulls ranting.. CIAO

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