Sunday, May 29, 2005


today is another boring day for me.. ermm.. what to say ehh? tomorrow i got final paper.. demmit, although i study and study, seems it cant go inside my neuron cells in my brain buster.. i dont know why.. it seems that it cant accept anymore of these numbers.. for the whole 5 years, i only live with numbers since i'm an EE student.. arghhhh... waddahell happen here..

the network for the whole interconnection between villages were disconnected suddenly.. shiitt.. i wanna play cz since i cant study nemore.. arghhh.. why are you guys challenging us, as students..? you guys think we cant do any unthinkable?

but for now, i kept on remembering my sweetie.. what's she doing rite now? hmmm.. missing her so much.. hehehe... take care deary.. (cam lari tajuk lak part nieh :p)

i hope that i can answer my paper tomorrow.. really do hope so..

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