Friday, June 24, 2005

Expect thE uNexPecTed

It was a hot sunny day in my hometown, Kulim.. it was nearly 12 pm when i woke up.. demm, it's really hot that time..

after i woke up, i do as the usual.. keeping the house.. and anything that i can do up until my mom can fetch me and go to my grandma's house..

then suddenly i got a phone call from my mom... she said that my dad is warded in BM.. WTH, he just look fine the day b4.. then i asked my mom where and when.. she said that my dad was admitted just a few minutes ago in BM Specialist Center.. luckily, he's not in serious condition but he said that he cant walk properly...

i just hope that my dad will be okay and recover as soon as possible..

out for now.. going to visit my dad...

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