Monday, June 27, 2005

sOunDs FamiLIiar?

hua hua hua.. its already been a few days after my last blog.. erm,actually i'm in KL right now.. but it seems so boring to me.. the weather is too hot even you dont want to go out in the afternoon.. i guess it may be can reach 35-36 Degrees.. hell, its hot out there.. hehehe...

well, i'm sure that i wont go out at this time.. hehe.. it been a boring day to me.. I dont know what to do.. all this while, i just eat and eat only since i'm here.. hehehe.. luckily or maybe unluckily, my 'perut' dah bulat sket.. hahahha.. what to do.. all i'm doing is eat only.. hua hua hua.. i just went to play badminton only once.. it's was last wednesday i think.. hehehe.. but i'm able to play only 4 sets, coz lack of stamina and hung my racket for nearly 3 months.. isk.. that a long time of retirement..

well, i guess this is what i can came out on this hot sunny day.. hmm.. but what i'm doing now is counting down the days where my sweetie will be going far away from me... so sad... you are always on my mind sayang..

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