Wednesday, June 29, 2005

aNotHeR uNeXpecTeD iNciDenT

well... there's another thing that i think i should put in here..

i did post a few day ago or maybe a week ago about my dad admitted to the hospital...
well.. it's not good looking for him and our families right now.. last 2 days, he was sent to Penang General Hospital to do X-Ray on him... he said that he suffered from the knee injury, i dont know which part of it or anything to do with nerves or muscles or even the orthopedic case..
then suddenly, my sis told me that he had to do and operation.. at first, i thought that the operation will be done at his knee.. but, i guess i'm wrong..

then, she told me that my dad had to undergo an operation on his spinal bone, yess.. the backbone, that kept most of our nerve system from any injuries as long as we live.. but then, i was shocked.. why did he need to undergo a spinal bone sugery whereas he said that he only hurt at his knee..

then yesterday, when i was driving to Taman Melawati, i ask my grandma.. why did he suddenly had a backbone problem.. then my grandma said that, nearly 28 years ago, when my dad was not married with my mom yet, he suffered a back bone injury when he fell from a pole when he's doing his job.. at that time, he was working with LLN, now called TNBD..

i dont know when the sugery will be performed, but i sure do hope that my dad will be fine... as far as i know.. after the sugery, he need to take a leave nearly 4 month to fully recover and undergo fisiologi therapy.. i just hope and pray to Allah that he will be fine...

well, the last thing i heard is that the surgery will be perfomed this Friday, 1st july....

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