Friday, June 16, 2006

England Vs Trinidad Tobago

Hoh, another comment on world cup.. actually, i dont want to write it down, but i guess my hand slipped onto the keybord, open the mozilla brower, type then create new post.. hahaha..

i was watching that game last night, terrible.. i'm not a fan nor fanat of England, but their opponent was Trinidad and Tobago.. a small country with only 1.3-1.5 million population, but yet cant 'sayurkan' this small country..

and i must praised the Trinidad's player because they play wonderfully at defensive.. and it's really nice.. but England's Peter Crounch, so called 'panjang' by me, yet failed to deliver any goals for England for the past 82 minutes.. so with Lampard, sigh..

i recalled that 'panjang' and said when i watch it last night at mamak.. "woi, panjang, balik laa woii.. harap tinggi saja.. depan gol pun tak bleh score, takpa.. aku buat tiang gol ragbi untuk hang.. tak bleh gak, aku tatau nak kata apa.." and people start looking at me.. and i said to yoda and anon, "suka hati aku la nak cakap apa pun, aku bayaq jugak, bukan pree.. haram btoi..".

then i said to Lampard when he really misses the oppotunity to score in front of the goal also, "Oii lampard.. pi balik lipat kain la woi.. depan gol x boleh score.. tak pun hang pi buat lepat laa.. kena la dengan nama hang.." and people stared to laugh coz i was shouting back then.. it's not that i'm rooting for England, but they are 'SAMPAH', and it was a boring game.. ENGLAND PLAYED REALLY BORING GAME!!!

even thou they won by 2-0, i still keep on saying that trinidad played better than england..

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