Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What a Disastrous Day

Today, when i'm in my hometown before i went back to ipoh, i went to the tyre shop to do some alignment to my car..

after they finished up doing the rear tyre, the mechanic somehow call me to show something.. and i went down and he showed that my front tyres was tore apart..luckily the tyre didnt blast off..

then i was desparately have to change my tyre.. no money at that moment.. so, i've decided to use 2nd hand tyre's, which is nearly.. how to say... bold.. hahaha.. have too, rather than risking my life with tore tyres..

then, i went back to ipoh.. after a while, the car a bit stable despite the tyres, in front is not the same.. after the tunnel near jelapang, the 2nd corner, an express bus is beside me.. and suddenly my car started drifting and i cant control my brake or any electronics in my car.. then i just barely control my car using my drifting skill to avoid crashing into the bas.. after that, it's still drifting and i was nearly crashed into the drain beside the highway.. luckily, i can regain control of my car back after drifting nearly 30 metres and near death accident.. i would be a bad memory for me today, but i'm happy also at the same time, becoz i know that my car can DRIFT in the rain despite it is an FF.. hahaha..

P/S: amateurs, dont do this at the highway, unless u want a one way ticket to the Hell/Heaven.

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