Tuesday, February 08, 2005

dEmm tHe hiTtEr...

while i was watching move during this chinese new year break.. suddenly, i heard 'ting ting ting' at my mirc... demm i tot it's just killing message from another user...

well, suddenly when i scroll up, i saw my car plate numb3r has been advertised... demm, wut happen i say to myself.. the i pm the advertiser back.. and this how the conversation went;

me: "dude, what happened"
x: "are u the owner of the car?"
me: "yes, what had happen?"
x: "bro, i just hit your car just now.. just a lil bit"
me: "what!! how could this happened? izzit bad?"
x: "nah, just a small scratch..."
me: "how you want to settle this?"
x: "can i see u now, this my phone no.."
me: "ok, i'll see you at my car.."

demm, when i saw my car, its not minor scratch.. it has been completely SMACK in front..
waddahell, my car is in the parking lot and its the only car there and 2 free space at right and left of my car.. OMG, totally looks like a 20 years old car...

i went totally berzerk for a while but my housemate, syuk, cooled me down.. there's no use arguing and fighter all over this shhitt, since it happened already... then we ask him to compensate the damage that have been done to my car.. he looked quite trembelling when i say i will took nearly 1k to make it all done.. but i just say its my estimation.. we still need to bring the car to a foreman then we can know the exact price.. he said that he will pay for it coz he made my car look like a mini van dat have no face lift at all..

suit u right since u hit my car in the parking lot... demm..

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