Friday, February 11, 2005


this is the moment i'm waiting for.. after a few days living without a pc.. how miserable my life was at that time...
use my roomie pc since he went to Kuching visiting his betterhalf and eventually my friend also.. demm nice.. hehe, well yoda, i hope u do well there..

back to my story;
iyyay just came back from kl.. i was hoping of seeing my new processor and mobo... at the first glance, he just say, "arghh, aku tak jumpa dia laa.." and i went complete down.. huhu.. then he showed me my new mobo and proc... yeahhh.. tq iyyay, dealing for my behalf..

i'm completely happy to see the new "parts" in my life.. heheh.. well, wut to do.. its part of me.. overjoyed when i have new things.. and i think everyone in the world do so.. aite?

welcome to my life amd64 2800+ and MSI k8n Platinum edition...
i hope u do well in my upcoming life...

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