Monday, February 14, 2005

wHaT a wOndErFuL dAy..

today, my car will be released from the 'hospital' since she has been 'warded' for nearly a week..
demm, i cant go anywhere without my car for a week... arghhh... my parents didnt know bout this.. if they do, for sure my car will be taken back as hostage since they will say that i didnt know how to take care of the car.. aiyaa... all blame is on my shoulder.. konoyaro~~

well, since its has been a few days back when the car is 'warded', the mechanic promised me that it cud be done just in matter 2-3 days.. after 3 days i called him and asked about my car.. then he said that the car hasnt been done yet and i why is it so..? he promised me already.. shikesha~~

i kept calling him everyday since he say that he would finish my car as soon as possible.. dem.. i hate when someone made promises but never kept it.. then at last, my car was 'check out' from the 'hospital'.. i think he was annoyyed when i called him so many times.. think so.. hehhee.. well, dun make promises if you cant fulfill it... its just a matter of pride and dignity when you made the promise to someone else.. hehehe..

i took my baby for a ride after she has been 'check out'.. it seems nice to get a grip on the steering wheel back.. and though i felt something different after the accident.. well, you can expect much from a mechanic that doesnt kept the promises, aite?

thanx to kai that has been there for me through the bad time... thanx buddy..~~

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