Monday, February 14, 2005

VaLenTinE's aNy1?

huhu.. 2day its valentines day all over the world.. sales here and there, to shop..
leeching each others money.. couples trade presents between themselves wether its a small gifts or big gifts... maybe the loaded couple buy presents that are worth more than hundreds or maybe thousands of dollar.. well, rich guys dont bother about the flow of their benjamins.. seem like to them, the benjamins can secure their life and give happiness.. ermm, pity them or what..? i just dont know wut else to say.. seems to them, the benjamins flows like a river than has no end..

am i sad..? nahh.. nope.. coz i'm already greatful of what i have today.. i have a car (thou its my parents coz em not working yet..) i have a wonderful life that is... i have wonderful friends.. my wonderful housemates and last but not least the important one.. my family... i cherish each and everyone of them since they all give happiness to me..

all the sad things is that i sure do missed my darling since she's not here.. she graduated, earlier than me.. miss my moments with her.. cherish every moment with her.. i'll keep it in my mind and my heart.. thats a valentine moment to me... the sweet moment togather..

all i wish for is to be with her now and then... to my sweet heart..


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