Wednesday, April 12, 2006

here i come~

i'm back.. after a while..
today, i'm gonna story about something that happened during last weekend..

on saturday, i was waiting the perfect timing to go back to my hometown with my beloved rummie, unta..
after i finished packing up, i received a call from the project manager, the was mumbling and yet very angry.. i dunno why and what's the problem.. i asked him what had happened, then he said that the students in UitM is calling and complaining to him that they cant access the internet, even the login page.. i asked him weather they can get ip address or not.. and he say dont know.. and i said to myself, waddahel... let out every single word like pissing of to someone who doesnt know how to do their work and stupid..
i told him that i want to go back to my hometown, then wanna take a leave on monday coz on tuesday, we are or the whole malaysia have their public holiday.. then he somehow yelled at me and tell me that i cant go back at all until the next month, when UiTM is in hibernating session for the students..
then he asked me to go to the uitm and cancelled off all my plans for today and for the next 4 days.. sigh.. all and off.. i have to follow the order since i worked with them.. so when i go to UiTM, i check the signal, and yet there is nothing.. its weird.. then, i check the feeder pillar, yesza, the ELCB had tripped.. i my best guess it that the lightning had caused this last night.. hehe.. no wonder they cant access the internet.. hehe.. ok.. settle that part..

after that, me and unta planned to go to ipoh and shopped.. haha.. actually, its not shopping laaa.. but somehow, just wasting my time with my rummie at ippo since we got nothing to do.. fes, we stopped at jusco and ate at Johnny's.. the pic will be shown below.. hehehe.. then we went to gerbang malam... there.. i bought some nice but no price eh.. hehe.. well... i got a lot more to tell.. but dunno how to jot it down.. :)

maybe i will update this later on...

p/s: time aku tulih neh, rumet aku UNTA.. melepaskan gas beracun, silent noise but deadly.. arghh....

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