Wednesday, April 19, 2006

movies reviews..

ok... its been a while since i last updated my blog.. hehehe.. sorry for the long waiting... been a bit busy lately... *sigh...

for this post, i will update and put two movie reviews... well, just a post.. maybe later on tonite i will put an e-novel (most probably..)

for the first movie... WATER SPIRIT
this movie is a horror yet rated (U) in malaysia.. i guess it's not that horror.. (IT'S TRUE...)

The vengeful spirit of a tortured nun goes on a killing spree as she carries out her revenge on a group of girls who had wronged her. The remaining girls reunite and visit the old boarding school in attempt to somehow put a stop to the nun's madness. well, the nun was a psychopath that always wanted to clear their sins. she was so vengeful up until the girls hated her..

one day, one of the girls was tested positive with pragnency test kit and the nun found out.. she was so angry and keep on saying that she will clear that girl's sins by herself.. while was trying to torture the girl, the others found out and hit the nun from behind.. she was dead coz of her cranium was smashed badly and led into internel bleeding..

years after that, one by one, the girls (now women) was killed by the nun's spirit.. and the daughter, whose mum sins were tried to be cleared by the nun found out what was happening.. and she flew to spain, where her mum studied and harrased by the nun.. will she be able to stop it? hehehe.. see for your self...
my rating, 2.5/5

next movie.. WHEN A STRANGER CALLS..

this story is about a high school student that have been grounded by her parents because her overusage of mobile phone.. the girl, named Jill is sent to a Dr house on top of a hill where she had to babysit 2 kids while the couple when to a dinner and watching movie.. after a while, she got a called from one of her friends and prank her over the phone.. she was so pissed off and shocked...

later on that night, she got a called from a total stranger and keep on asking her about the children.. the game goes on up until she was terrifed and called the police.. the police couldn't do anything since there is no prove and only prank calls were reported.. so, the police said that they will try and trace the called but she had to keep that guys talking for at least 60 secs (standard procedure for tracing a call) and using GPS system.. and the guy kept on calling and asking, "have you checked the children lately?".. and "how's the children doing?"..

after she manage to get that guy talking for 60 seconds, the police eventually notify her the calls are coming from inside the house.. she was so terrified and struggle to save the kids and herself.. will she be ok? will she survived from the seriel killer?
my rating, 4/5

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