Monday, April 10, 2006

The Wonderful and Bitterful Days

yoh.. hishashiburi dana..

it's been a while since i updated my blog.. i'm too bz with work.. got scolded by the project manager.. users that
harrising me.. calling me now and then.. no time to spend alone, no frens to mingle with, only my best and true fren,
unta, the roomate that i appreciate so much..

many things that have been going on and happened during the past week.. wonderful moments, sad moments.. all of it happened
in blink of an eye.. i dont know wether this post will be long or short.. all i can think of is, i wanna express all my feeling throught out this
post.. share everything (but not all.. :p)..

last sunday, i went to one of my frens wedding, such a nice and wonderful moments for them, i appreciate them and i hope they will live happily ever after.. come to think of it, when will i get married, when will i get the chance to enjoy the moments that they had just now.. all good and bad things will be shared, ups and downs of life.. all of it.. wedding, such a nice and wonderful moment it is... when i think bout it, it made me sad.. really² sad, coz there is no moment for me.. rite now... ok.. stop talking bout this moody hanky panky stuff..

then, later that day, i went out with my colleagus, me, maggot and xr (otai goreng gitar..).. we went to salim, kari kepala ikan.. huhu.. driving all the way from tronoh to ipoh just to eat there.. demmit.. haha.. so we went there and eat the food.. err.. what to talk about eating eh.. i guess nothing.. hahaha.. well, just stated here.. :)

ok.. after that, we went back to utp then i got a call from khalid, one of the committe that decided who will win the MAKK awards on 6th of April, that is on Thursday night.. he said to me that i had to come to the V2 cafe to snap a picture of mine that will be placed in the montage that will be shown at that night as a nominee.. i say, ok then i go.. then he kept asking me to go to dinner coz there is no one will take the price for me if i won.. think bout it, coz it only costs me RM 20 cos i'm a nominee, so waddehel... i just go..

thursday night, the time has come for me to go to the dinner.. i went there with my lil sister, ena.. and 2 of her frens, they want a lift, so i gave them a lift.. so when i arrived at syuen, the event had already started, but at least, i can feel how important people walk on red carpet.. them feel so great.. like a vvip... :)
then we had our dinner.. there is a lot of things to be eaten.. and its nice.. i ate up until three plate of rice.. where everyone else at my table only ate one plate.. waddehel they are thinking? you pay nearly RM45, but only ate one plate.. such a waste, but not for me dude.. not for me.. hell, what do i care bout people thinked about me that ate 3 plates of rice in a formal dinner, i pay, not free.. the pictures of the food n me with my lil sista~~

then, the time has come to announce the winner of the best student in V3.. the showed the montage, the other two candidates faces are up and above me, and i'm in the middle.. then the MC announced it... "and the winner goes to...." they say another person name.. but suddenly, @ the montage, there was my face.. i've won, for the first time in UTP.. then, why the hell the called another person... then, i thought that i'm not the student nemore in UTP, but as an ex senior.. everybody was wondering, why.. coz my name and face stated in the montage but other person took the price.. so, after a few minutes, people start sms'ing me and talking to me, why didnt i go up and take the price? i won, but other people went up to the stage...
after a while, i talked to meor, the person who in charge of v3, i asked him y.. then he said that i really won, but he had to make the decision to let it go to the junior since there were fcuking solihuddin the registrar, the person who made my life miserable up until now.. that the only reason, if not cause of him, they will let me go up to the stage.. unlucky me.. but, i feel appreciated to people who actually voted me.. THANX, i'm nobody without you guys.. and to the person who won, congratulations.. well done..

i'm a bit sad, but happy at the same time... happy i won, sad coz i cant take the price.. pity me..

i guess, this is what i can came out for this post.. will update to you by tomorrow.. see ya later...

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