Thursday, April 13, 2006

my Wish LisT

ok.. since today is my birthday, i'm opening a new book, new story... new life.. thanx to my frens that support me till now, you know who you are.. no need to mention it.. especially my rummie, unta who kept me alive up until now, even thou he didnt open my blog at all... (mmg pun.. aku jer duk buka blog hang.. kaghut sungguh..)

this is my wish list:

1. i wanna be strong and steady in my life
2. i wanna have a baby gurl named raja nur arissa saffiyyah, even thou em not married
3. i wanna have a successful carier in my life
4. i wanna have a masters degree in the near future, (hopefully soon enuff..)
5. i wanna have a Ph.D, but thats later on
6. i wanna take care my baby, (my GTi lor..) as good as i can
7. .......
8. .......

too many wishes... hehehe.. other, i just leave it to your imagination..

ok.. today's task.. hhehe.. (balik2 ckp pasal keje,kan?).. but this is quite funny and dangerous..
yesterday, i used the server to surf the internet and to log in into the google talk..(i recommend this for office use :P ).. i use my thumbdrive to copy the installer and install it in the server.. ok, enuff for that part...
then, i reset the server to restart it at 6 A.M daily, this due to the unstable and heavy load on the software itself.. and preventing from the server hang.. which later on, i will be bombarded with sms'es from the students, pity me ehh?

this morning when i came to work, enter the server room and i was shocked.. the server couldnt boot.. waddaheck, i said to myself.. i saw the viasat (satellite modem), pfSense (internet server) and other things are working fine.. then i switched on the light, open the door of the server rack.. and i was laughing at myself... i left the thumbdrive at the USB port.. wohooo~~... that's why it cant boot since the pc/server wannabe trying to boot from there.. haiya.. need to change the boot sequence.. hehe.. and em lucky enuff to survive this stupid yet funny thing as em not being sms'ed by the students.. hehehe..

so, here i put up the pics where i surf the internet in my car, outside the server room... range around 50-70 metres away.. ehehe.. god i like this technology even thou i quite sometimes hate it :P...


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