Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Good Bye Dave's Deli

huhu.. maybe this is just a normal post that wont change or do any effect to others.. but for it does..

i sure do, all of you know Dave's Deli aite? so here's the story.. well, yesterday i went to kinta city to buy something and i saw the advertisment showed discounted purchase for everthing, 30% off.. kinda weird eh? then, i ate quater chicken with iced lemon tea..

i was curious.. then, after i finished eating.. i asked the patron at the counter.. why all of the sudden there is discount for everything?? then he said today, that is 24th of May 2006, is the last day that this shop will be operating.. i was shocked.. but i couldn't asked more, since they will lose their job..

it's quite sad for me since Dave's Deli Kinta City was there since i was in UTP, the first year.. up until now.. but its all over.. i sure do hope they won't close that shop.. hopefully..

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