Saturday, May 13, 2006

Wi-Fi vs 3G

While both Wi-Fi and 3G technologies are capable of delivering fast data access at remote lovations, they differ widely from usage and business model perspective.

"3G technology rests on the (as of yet) largely unfulfilled promise of roaming acces to voice anda data services with the ability to move freely from location to location without interruption." On the other hand, Wi-Fi is intended to procide data access in specific remote location.

G as the key motivators behind the resolve of manufacturers, reserchers and developers and business to get behind Wi-Fi and other emerging standards such as 802.11 a/h and 802.11g. "These standards will ensure higher wireless transmission speeds than 3G is capable delivering."

"Look at the numbers. 3G, in its most generous projections, will deliver data speeds of 1 megabit persecond in two years. Today, Wi0Fi is commonly provides 11 megabits, offering up to 54 megabits." Which standards do you think will be adopted?

Where 3G is burdened with financially catastrophic licensing conditions and capex-heavy infrastuctural requirements, Wi-Fi currently operates in the unlicensed ISM band (2.4 GHz) of the spectrum and capital requirements for Wi-Fi infrastructure are a fraction of the 3G costs.

So, who's winning? "Neither yet, but Wi-Fi has jumped out of the starting blocks far leaner and with significant muscle."

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