Tuesday, May 23, 2006

ITMS Again

ok.. this time, it's quite shocking me..

just now, i mean early in the morning today, i got a call from the person in charge of village 3, mr. meor.. he then told me that, the ITMS of UTP is looking for me.. and i was shocked and a lil bit terrified.. since, you guys know how i live in UTP..

he later on told that one of the technician for ITMS want to come to my room and see me.. i told him that i was outside UTP doing some work and i dont know what time i will come back.. and i dont have any servers in my room since my port was blocked 3 months ago.. unless my friend put something in my room using the network switch which i dunno..

after lunch time, i was back at my room.. then kagesenshi visited me and told me actually what had happened.. it's all because the distribution of pictures.. naked jan 05 girl from village 3.. she is a junior.. just finished foundation and in year 1 this semester.. no need to tell the name since i knew what is her name..

the reason behind why the ITMS want to see me becoz they scan village 3 and there are open ports for irc.. as you all now, we have 65399 ports..correct me if i'm wrong and sorry, i dun remember what port for irc's.. maybe i will tell you guys later on.. then, he told me that the student that the pictures were distributed complaint to the department.. and the people who are hurting, is ME.. US.. the network admin for the irc server v3 and the users of irc for V3.. they say that the actual picture was snapped from the room, her room and given to her boyfriend..(who the hell is her boyfriend, gonna kill him..)..
and the party that are blamed, THE IRC SERVERS.. waddahell, we provide services for you guys and dun blame us.. we cant control everything.. we are trying, but everything goes back to the users.. its how u define neural network.. users are the one who shape the network, not US, the providers.. we just give services, it's up to the users on how to use it..

then, after a while, he got a call from the ITMS technician, and told us that we can put up our irc servers back online again then just keep track that, IF THERE IS DISTRIBUTION, do tell them and they will nail that guy.. so, somehow, the ITMS is cooperating with us by letting us use the irc and control it.. so, there is a good side also.. hehe..

so, then i had to put up again the server in my room.. rite now, i have 3 pc's running in my room.. and 5 network cables.. haha.. such a mess.. here are the pics.. hehe.. btw, we put two cable from the ports, our network ports and all the cables out to the pc's.. hehe.. somehow, they didnt manage to trace which port.. so, it's quite good ehh? haha..~!!!

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