Sunday, May 21, 2006


ok.. this thing happened a few days ago.. as i recalled.. ehehe..

this time, i went for a dinner with one of colleague.. we both arrived nearly sunset.. so, i parked the car quite far from the stall.. then we order things that we want to eat.. then my colleague smiled at me.. and i dont realized that coz i really was looking into the menu since em very very very hungry.. haha.. crazy eh, a lil guy like me can eat 5 times a day, regardless what he ate before that? haha..

then after we ate our dinner, pay everything and on our way back.. my colleague told me..

"U wanna know what..just now, when we want to order our foods.. the group over there said something bout u..". then i said "what..izzit something funny or made me mad??".

then,my colleague told me.. "fullamak, bawak gti siot.. isk.. tp, orang yang turun dari kereta tuh.. kecik.. cam budak sekolah.. lain la mcm aku.. macho.." something like that my colleague said.. it was from one of those waiters at that store.. then,one of the uncle there said "orang berduit, bukan macam ko.. tadak duit pun bising ada duit pun bising, apa nak jadi neh", some sort like that..

then suddenly i went berzerk.. not angry but laughing of what that uncle said to them.. em not irritated.. but somehow, i feel pity to them.. em not saying em that good or rich.. but it just maybe my rezeki at my GTi..

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