Friday, May 19, 2006


arghh.. another day wasted again.. no work to do.. no thingy to be done.. *sigh.. it's heck of a day and days.. hahaha.. well, i'm already frustrated with my company, didn't pay my travel allowance full, didnt pay my claims, and my salary.. i'm quitting.. U HEAR THAT?!! I'M QUITTING...!!!!

i just asked one of my old buddy to help me get a job in Alcatel Networks.. he said that they need people with experiences like me to do the job.. but i need to waited for at least a week or two.. arghh.. another boring weeks without anything to do.. deym.. it's hard man.. really do..

just pray for me that i will get the job in Alcatel or their sub-cons.. right now, i'm going to play ragnarok online like hell.. ciao!!

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