Wednesday, March 29, 2006

One Way Ticket..

yosh... another update from me.. but not about me today in this post... :p

so... when i wake up early this morning.. preparing myself to go to work, i kept on thinking this, everyday...
will i be charged or fined by utp fak gards just because i parked my car beside the road? well.. this thing kept me worried all day..
even thou em not a student of UTP nemore.. hahaha.. well, the hell with that..

continue on...
after finishing up everything that i need to go to work.. i started my car.. warm up the engine.. bla bla bla.. routine check..
then i start moving foward.. after nearly a hundred metres, i was stopped by pak gad.. and i said to myself.. owhhhh shiittt... waddehell i've done wrong this time... em devastated, shivering inside.. my heart beat keep on pumping.. nearly 100 kbps.. errkk, wrong unit.. 100 beats per min... deym fast..

a few minutes before..
i was at my car.. pondering and wandering.. pondering because i dont want to get fine by those hypocrats that want to collect money from the students.. it's all because all the cars there, which are parked beside the roadside was issued..
and wandering, because my car has not been issued anything or what so ever.. maybe em blessed? hahaha.. don't think so dude..
then, i look at my front window, hoping to see anything weird that make them think twice (i guessed) for not issuing me anything.. ok, no staff stickers or what so ever at the windshield.. weird ehh...? but i just have a sticker of UiTM, which make me a worker over there..
ok.. enuff of that bullshit.. haha..

continue from the previous paragraph..
after i've been stopped by them, i thought that i would be in deep shit coz em no longer a student, but going in and out everyday.. they already can recognized me and my car.. so the wouldn't stop me at any cost.. then he told me.. "dik, hari ni kita dah start buat one way street.." and i say "oh, ye ker.. saya tatau cik.. maaf.."
then he said "takpe.. takpe.. adik patah balik, lepas tuh terus keluar dari arah sana..".. "terima kasih.."

so thats the story for today.. unless i got anything else, then i put it up again maybe in the next post, or just update it here.. cya laterz...

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