Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Today's Roll Call

hehe.. next post is up..
today i nearly skipped work..what to do..i woke up nearly 12 noon..
but no problem.. i just wake up and smell that tobacco leaf that will be burn after this...

todays chores..

i got an email from my boss saying that i have to meet a user that wanted to sign up to wifi..
then he says that, "hang tau dak,kalau hang dpt user sorang RM 5..kalau 10 users dah RM 50.. free2 jer.."
yeah rite.. it seems that easy to persuade users nowadays after hard times they have been thru and i've been thru a shit hole from hell..i guess hell is better than this..

anyway, i called that user, farhana, and asked her wether she is still interested to sign up and she said yes..
and here's a lil bit of our conversation..

ned: ok.. bila cik farhana free..?
farhana: petang nnt, lepas kol 4 or 4.30..
ned: so the exact time is 4.30..?
farhana: lebey kurang laa..
ned ok..kalau cam2, cik dah free nnt, bagitau saya..mekacih..
farhana: sama-sama, bye..

and she hung up the phone..
so i need to meet her around 4.30 pm today..suckss.. i cant go back early..want to play dota..
nevermind.. i still have time after that..

ok.. the next user is hasrina..she's knew me for quite a time..
i sms and asked her just know about the network at her she smsed me back saying that the signal is not quite good..
so i need to think and put up a repeater at her they or she can access the internet and the network w/o any hassle.. and one more thing..she told me that her pc has something wrong with it.. the monitor cant display anything since she asked me to check it out for her..and i say.. "ok, bila ina free?".. she said that i can come to her room tomorrow to check things out.. her friends said that her cable need to be changed.. i dont think so.. i hope there's nothing wrong with her graphic card or else.. you know for yourself...

up until now, the girls keep on sms'ing me..arghh..nearly tired of reply to their sms.. nothing much.. all the same..when i asked can or not..out of sudden they say can.. how could you feel when things like this happened,eh?


mangifera said...

wah..tak ingin wat awek ke? comel tak? wah..makan sorang2. tak aci woo.

kechi said...

haha.. mana der tak ingat.. tak makan lagi pun.. tehehehehe.. takpe.. nnt kita makan ramai2..