Monday, March 27, 2006

update update

hahaha.. has been nearly a week since i last updated this blog.. old man from the mountain effi has already freaking mad at me.. haha..

so, what should i do or what should i put up to update my blog eh?

lets see, the past week has been quite boring to me.. since there's not much work to do.. i miss the old days.. when have to go to classes, and yet still ponteng the class, ask people to sign for me.. well.. shut that topic off.. hahaha..

next... my work.. hmm.. not too much exactly, just a few bunch of sore losers users keep on messaging me in the middle of the night just becoz they:

1. lost their passwords and ask me to reset it on the spot

my comment: the hell, em in my room trying to sleep yet asked me to set the
password at 2 o'clock in the morning?!! HELL NO

2. some sore bunch of losers still couldn't connect to the network even thou the
network is working fine and yet have full bar (wireless signal) and say, "encik,
kenapa saya still xbley connect ke network, saya dpt full bar neh"

my commnet: cik dah cek blom ip? kalau blom, cik cuba check. make sure ip setat
ngan, kalau xleh jugak, cik dc atau off cik punya wireless. pastu cik
connect balik. kawan² cik leh dpt kan internet? "bleh, diorang dpt.."..
after a while, "dah boleh encik, terima kasih yer".. still the same old rezen
faking shit, dont know how to check the ip.

so, there goes my work duty.. shyte.. same old stuff..
very well, i'll update it later on..

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